Talent is the fundamental factor in business development, and the first resources. For the enterprise, regardless of the medium-term or long-term human resources strategies, they must have three key systems: first, to attract talents; secondly, to retain talents; thirdly, continuous development and training of talents.

I. Attract talents

1) Establish external recruitment channels to recruit talents who meet the needs of the company. The enterprise carries out cooperation with suitable well-known universities, research institutes and other institutions according to industry characteristics, to cultivate high-level talents through a series of external cooperation, enhance the overall quality level of all employees; at the same time, they also cooperate with various social human resource service agencies to introduce talents with rich work experience and competencies for the positions.

2) Establish the internal talent market; in addition to the comprehensive introduction of various outstanding people, in the development process of human resources, the enterprise needs to adhere to the concept of innovation and system standardization,  to create an open and fair environment and development channels for the growth of talents; through combining internal promotions and external talent introduction, we have improved the human resources management mechanism, promoting outstanding talents to come to the fore, and realizing the effective development and configurations of human resources.

II. Retain talent 

 When the company found the competent talents through external and internal talent recruitment channels, we need to create a good working environment and internal environment for the talents, a good platform and development space, and a good cultural environment, and strengthen the affinity and cohesion the internal team and its culture, in order to retain them, thus forming the internal human resource management system with scientific personnel selection, use, evaluation and motivation, so that each talented and enterprising people can exert their abilities,

III. Continuous human resources development and training

1) The senior management of the company should lead the team to discuss the future vision and mission of the company, and determine the company's strategy and direction. According to the development strategy, we should take on the long-term perspective, and quickly establish the internal personnel training channels.
2) Design the competence model according to the capacity requirements for implementing the corporate strategy, which consists of two models: A. The core qualification model, which involves the personal qualities and comprehensive capabilities essential to a basically qualified staff of the company, including: professional ethics, innovation, pursuit of excellence, teamwork and communication skills; B. The leadership model, which is the personal capacities that the company's senior staff should have, including: systematic thinking, strategic planning, impact, team management, decision-making abilities 
3) Establish a scientific internal training system based on the competency models, define the requirements for talents, develop talent echelon training programs based on these requirements, and create a learning organization.