1. Business tenet: to create a world-class brand of silica gel

2. Corporate spirit: Solidarity, pragmatism, innovation and development

Solidarity - sincere cooperation, team learning, flames rise higher is everybody add a piece of firewood 
Pragmatism - speak with the facts, everything from the actual start
Innovation - self transcendence, surpass the past, forge ahead and elevate vitality
Development - culture first, sustainable development, taking our own road of development

3. Corporate culture: fair, equitable, open

4. Service principle: meet customer needs and provide customers with satisfactory services
5. Management tenet: continuous improvement, constant perfection, gradual improvemen   
The biggest problem is not to be able to find the problem 

6. Production policy: safety, economy, civilization, environmental protection  

Safety - responsible for ourselves, for others, for the company and society 
Economy - improve efficiency, reduce costs, ensure quality, leading technology
Civilization - be a civilized people, do civilized things, construct civilized sites, create civilized factory Environmental protection - do not leave regrets to future generations 

7. Employment mechanism: allowing people who have both the ability and the willingness to do things to have things to do, and deny people who have the ability but not the willingness to do things of the opportunity to do things